About US

Makers Dozen are a collective of Manchester based Makers, Designers and Artists. Working collaboratively, we come together from a broad range of individual practises and varying disciplines. The group changes regularly with the members coming, going and evolving their input. Our ideas and making processes are fuelled by a fluid collective working practice. This practice takes place through making in the workshop, walking in the landscape or even drinking in the pub. All of this valuable time spent together informs our working methodology and development as a collective.

We challenge the constraints between material and process, maker and audience, through engaging with the public to inform our practice. Feedback and communication with audiences and each other allow us to evaluate our work. Broadly, our interests lie in materials and exploritative processes but individual members of the dozen are driven by different outcomes. For example, being informed by the resolution of a finished product or by exploring different perspectives on established processes.

The Dozen is made up of graduates from Manchester School of Art spanning ten years from courses: BA Embroidery, BA 3D Design, MA Fine Art, MA Design and Art Direction, MA Textiles. This year we also have three recent graduate showcase members who were awarded places within the collective for our upcoming project at the 2017 Degree Show from 3D Design.